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Network Support/Setup

Network Support:

At I.T Hub, our technicians have in depth knowledge of network infrastructure, and how it can be tailored to your personal or business needs. This also enables us to diagnose and repair faults which may arise on your network. We have a lot of experience with all finds of networks. We understand that Business’s grind to a halt if their network goes down! We can offer rapid support, to get you back up and running!

Network Setup:

Your computer system can do so much more than just sit on your desk. We have setup 100s of small and large networks. A network can unleash a lot more potential from your computers and also save you a lot of time and money!

Some benefits are:

  • Share one printer between all your computers, even in different rooms
  • Share files between your computers
  • Share internet connection & email
  • Remotely backup your important files
  • Link your programs together eg. Sage Accounts
  • Stream Movies or Music on your Television
  • Surf the internet from your television

If you are experiencing problems with your network, we can help! Or if you would like a Network setup in your home or business, please get in touch.

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