Welcome to Computer World, Armagh, Northern Ireland

Remote Support

What is Remote Support?

Many computer problems can now be repaired over the internet, meaning your computer is fixed in the comfort of your own home, instantly!
It is easy to setup and extremely cost effective.
We will guide you through giving us access to your computer, for just the one authorized session. It is completely secure.
Once we are connected, we are sharing your computer. You can see what we are doing each step of the way.
Once we are finished repairing the fault, the link is disconnected.

Common Faults Repaired via Remote Support:

  • Removal of viruses
  • Speed up computer
  • Service computer
  • Browser hijacked
  • Computer start-up speed optimized
  • Repair software problems

Getting Ready


1. Install Client

Download and install our client. When given the option, click open and/or run. If using Windows 7 after running you may have to click ‘yes’ to allow the client to run.

2. Connect

We will now ask you for the unique ID and password which will appear on your screen.

3. Complete

Sit back and relax as we repair your computers problems!