What are the Different Types of Lasers Toners?

Laser toners are commonly known as printer ink for laser printers. They are available in powder or liquid form and are packed in toner cartridges.

In a laser printer, the toner cartridge is used for holding and controlling the printer toner. The toner cartridge is designed using hard plastic. It is inserted into a cartridge rack that is fitted in the printer. The toners fall into two categories: the liquid toner and liquid toner.

Dry Toner

This toner is the most common in both office and home printers. The toner is made of plastic powder and a combination of styrene and acrylic substances. When printing, these components work together with additional pigments to produce color.

To print your paper, carriers in a printer help small bits of particles to get charged. This is crucial because it helps to get the particles attracted to the drum of the printer. There are a number of benefits that come with using this type of toner cartridge.

  • They produce more colors.
  • Because the toner is dry, it does not need to penetrate the paper. This means that you use less toner compared to printing with liquid toner.
  • Since the toner does not penetrate the paper, the printing process is faster. This is why it is recommended for commercial or bulk printing.
  • Because drying happens rapidly and the ink does not penetrate, there are no accidental stains. This implies that letters and images are sharp and attractive.
  • Dry toner such as Brother DCP-L2550DW toner is more eco-friendly compared to liquid toner.

Liquid Toner

Liquid toner, like the name suggests, is printing ink in liquid form. It is made of pigmented acrylic resin substances. The pigmented substance or dye helps the toner to produce colors when printing. The resin components are added into a shielding liquid. Notably, even the liquid toner comes with some impressive benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Unlike the dry toner that requires heating to print, liquid ink does not need pre-warming.
  • Because the printed texts and images are attached to the paper (the ink penetrates the paper), they do not fade off easily.

The toners and cartridges require customization based on the brand of the printer and model they are designed for. At this point, there are a number of factors that should be considered when buying a laser printer’s toner. For example, you need to think about melting point, flow rate, magnetic quality, and meting point.

To increase the value of your toner cartridge, some manufacturers also offer refilling kits. These kits comprise of all the necessary components that you need to fill an empty toner. To help refill the toner correctly and safely, they also have step-by-step instructions for you to follow. For example, you should have the right protective gear such as mask and gloves to prevent the toner from getting into your lungs or skin.

Using refilling kits can help to save a lot of money when compared to purchasing an entirely new cartridge. You should refill the toner cartridge for about three times before replacing it. Once you have refilled the cartridge three times and want to dispose of, it is vital to appreciate the toner contains carcinogenic materials. Therefore, do not toss off in the dustbin. Instead, consider sending to companies that have specialized technology to dispose of the cartridges safely

To get higher value from your toner, ensure you only buy from reputable brands. These are companies that have been in the market for some time, and previous clients were satisfied with their toners. When using a refilling kit, it is advisable to also buy from the same brand that sold you the toner cartridge.

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